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Thousands of women have benefited from Sensual and here's what they have to say...

Sensual made our love making better than ever

What Women have to say about Sensual..
Sensual gives me more intense orgasms that both my husband and I enjoy.

I am postmenopausal. I never would have believed I could experience orgasms like these!

At first I was skeptical, but Sensual truly enhanced my sexual experience. I recommend Sensual to all of my friends.

Sensual gives me more intense orgasms that both my husband and I enjoy.

Men have Viagra. Now we have Sensual. Sex is just more enjoyable with Sensual than without it!


Sensual is a new, all-natural, soy-based topical, sexually-stimulating personal lubricant that enhances female
sexual responsiveness and pleasure. Available without a prescription, Sensual has a positive effect on a
woman's sexual experience and is safe, effective, fast-acting and non-toxic.

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Sensual mildly stimulates the nerves in the labial and clitoral areas increasing the pulsation rate to the
vagina and heightening sensation minutes after application.

Sensual recommends application to the outer labia and clitoris. Gently massage Sensual into this area for
20-30 seconds.

After application, many women feel a very strong warming sensation, followed by throbbing, more
warming, and finally, a tingling sensation.

Sensual is not intended to treat any medical condition. Many physicians have recommended Sensual to
women who experience symptoms of FSD and menopause because it helps lubricate, augments arousal and increases sexual stimulation.

Yes. There is nothing toxic in Sensual. Please read the ingredients before use for possible allergies or
Hypersensitivities of the user or her partner

Yes. You may use more than the recommended use. However, most women use only one tube and you
should start with the recommended use.

You may use Sensual as often as you wish. Sensual is all natural and non-toxic.

Sensual is packaged in a 10ml dropper bottle.

Women of all ages can enjoy Sensual, women who want more control of their sexuality and an increase in their sexual response

We do not offer samples of our product, but there is a satisfaction, no-risk guarantee.

Sensual is a proprietary formula only sold by Shuvi.


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